Friday, February 26, 2010


Every Friday I’ll be doing a reoccurring segment entitled the “Beer of the Week” where I’ll donate one beer (to be paid at some time in the future of course) to a deserving artist. The weekly award will be based on a variety of factors – perhaps the winner has had an extremely successful run of hits or just released a great album. It might even go to an artist I just feel deserves a little bit of recognition for their contributions to the country game. So without any further ado, drum roll please…This week’s Beer of the Week goes to…..

Blake Shelton.

Wait, what? Blake Shelton? Wouldn’t you rather give the inaugural Beer of the Week to a living legend like Alan Jackson or George Strait or an A-list entertainer like Kenny Chesney or Brad Paisley?

Listen, I know those guys are great, but they receive loads of praise every day – everyone knows George Strait is one of the best ever and no one can rock a show like Kenny Chesney, but the guys who keep country music going are the solid voices who consistently produce high-quality music album after album. This is what Blake Shelton does.

As an artist, Blake’s vocal range is impressive – he can rock the lower end of the spectrum in upbeat tunes like his recent duet “Hillbilly Bone” with Trace Adkins and he can test the limits of his upper register in ballads like “Austin” and “Goodbye Time.” By the way, on a side note, I’d strongly encourage all of you to check out any of the songs listed on this blog – definitely worthwhile listening. Anyway, in addition to Blake’s vocal talent, he’s also displayed the ability to successfully record power ballads and light-hearted, beer-ripping tunes. A lot of artists confine themselves to a single formula which they ride to the top (Taylor Swift, anyone?), but the lasting artists know how to make it all work. Sure, not every one of Blake’s songs is an instant classic, but he has, for over ten years, been one of country music’s most reliable talents. Perhaps not a fool-proof headliner, and I admit, there’s a good chance he’ll never be able to carry a tour, but Blake for your years of consistent, reliable and quality music (and simply for the fact that your dating the ever-saucy Miranda Lambert), this beer is for you.


  1. Well written analysis of Blake Shelton, however; no need to take a swing at Taylor Swift. She's a young star who I'm sure has vocal aptitudes she has yet to discover of herself.