Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Top 5 Hottest Women in Country Music

Hey everybody, sorry for the lack of posting over the last day and a half. Things have been real busy at work and I haven't gotten much time to sit down and think of a great topic. But inspired by a friend's suggestion, I have in fact stumbled on such a topic -- today I present the top 5 hottest women in country music...In descending order.

5. Leann Rimes - Old faithful. So who cares that she hasn't had a memorable hit in something like ten years, once upon a time Leann Rimes was Grade A smokeshow. Not even close to being legal when she burst on the stage with her hit album Blue at age 14, Rimes would quickly become one of country music's most recognizable female stars, and not just for her killer voice.

4. Kellie Pickler - You might not have heard of the former American Idol talent turned country singer, but Kellie Pickler is a sight to behold. With two quality hits to her name since she started singing country tunes professionally, "Red High Heels" and "I Wonder" (a self-written, heart-wrenching ballad), Pickler has recently been linked to Nashville Predators winger Jordin Tootoo. Despite her poor choice of NHL allegiance, Pickler is still one of the best looking ladies in country today.

3. Miranda Lambert - The singer who rocketed to stardom ever since her appearance on Urban Cowboy earlier this week is one of the sexiest women in country music. Sporting a no-holds barred attitude, this talented firecracker packs a great voice, can rip on the guitar and loves hunting and fishing. Sounds like the perfect woman. And I'm starting to sound like a TV-dating show.

2. Taylor Swift - It's a tough call between Swift and our first place finished, but in the end Swift's inexperience is the deal breaker. At a point in her career when everything she sings turns to platinum, Swift can seemingly do no wrong. Likely a main stay on the country and pop circuits for years to come, Swift is quite the looker as well. I know I'll catch a lot of hear for this one, but she just can't stand up to our gold-medal winner...

1. Carrie Underwood - In the end, it wasn't really a tough competition. An American Idol winner and perhaps the most successful female country singer over the past few years, Underwood is truly stunning. Though her past connection to Tony Romo is a questionable career move on her part, there's no knocking Romo on his taste. Her accolades are too numerous to list here: multi-platinum albums, Grammy wards and countless #1 hits, with undoubtedly more to come. The best looking woman in country music. Let the debate begin...


  1. Shania Twain and Faith Hill deserve honorable mention.

  2. my grundle is prettier than any of these shemales

  3. What happened to beer of the week for Friday? unacceptable.